1994-95 Mars Images from HST

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These images are being analyzed by a team of researchers lead by Phil James (University of Toledo). Team members include: Steve Lee (University of Colorado), Leonard Martin (Lowell Observatory), R. Todd Clancy (Space Sciences Institute), Mike Wolff (Space Sciences Institute), and Jim Bell (Cornell University).

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[MPEG] HST Mars Rotation Movie (MPEG 775 kB)
Processing of the images shown here was performed by Jim Bell, Mike Wolff, and Steve Lee. Many of these images were first shown publicly at a press conference on March 21, 1995 at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

July 1995 673-nm global image set, Mollweide Projection

This image shows the coverage obtained from our July 1995 3-hemisphere image set. The coverage is not complete because the phase angle was high (~40 degrees) and thus many regions were behind the un-illuminated terminator.

Here are teeny-weeny previews of more images. Click on the blue highlighted name of any one to see a full-resolution view... (may take some time to download though...)

  • Xanthe Hemisphere, B/W (220271 bytes)

  • Xanthe Hemisphere, Color (156247 bytes)

  • Three Faces, B/W (229852 bytes)

  • Three Faces, Color (163160 bytes)

  • CM 160 Hemisphere, Color (90842 bytes)

  • CM 270 Hemisphere, Color (90251 bytes)

  • CM 60 Hemisphere, Color (89151 bytes)

  • Marineris hemisphere changes, 1990-1995 (260767 bytes)

  • Syrtis hemisphere changes, 1990-1995 (280192 bytes)

  • Syrtis hemisphere changes, 1994-1995 (151324 bytes)

  • Mars Global Cyl. Proj. Map (219611 bytes)

  • Three faces at 410 nm, B/W (155295 bytes)

  • Three faces at 673 nm, B/W (158899 bytes)

  • Pre-opposition sequence mosaic (115270 bytes)

  • Jan. 95 Color Composite (34483 bytes)

  • Sep. 94 Color Composite (64758 bytes)

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