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This site contains ALL of the images of Mars obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope during 1994 and 1995. The images are shown as GIF files and are also available as TIFF files. ENJOY!

The images shown here are being obtained and analyzed by various teams of researchers. One team is lead by Phil James (University of Toledo) and includes: Jim Bell (Cornell University), R. Todd Clancy (Space Science Institute), Steve Lee (Colorado University), the late Leonard Martin (Lowell Observatory), and Mike Wolff (Space Science Institute). Another team is lead by Dave Crisp (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and includes John Trauger (JPL), Jim Bell (Cornell), and the members of the WFPC2 instrument team. The images are listed chronologically, with a small thumbnail version of each one shown. You can download either a GIF or TIFF file for each. You will need to download the text file listing only if you want to find out the details of when the images were taken, through which filters, etc.

[CONSTRUCTION] Additional Work continues on this site: We hope to add all 1990-1993 HST Mars images shortly!
[TEXT FILE] Text File Listing of Image Data Information (if you want image dates, times, filters, etc.)

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August 1994

l2h50201t1a (F410M) (GIF, 9K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50202t1a (F502N) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50203t1a (F673N) (GIF, 13K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50205t1a (F336W) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 23K)

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September 1994

l2h50301t1a (F410M) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50302t1a (F502N) (GIF, 13K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50303t1a (F673N) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50304t1a (F255W) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 23K)

l2h50305n1a (F336W) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 23K)

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October 1994

l2h50401t1a (F410M) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 31K)

l2h50402t1a (F502N) (GIF, 14K) (TIFF, 31K)

l2h50403t1a (F673N) (GIF, 18K) (TIFF, 31K)

l2h50404t1a (F255W) (GIF, 13K) (TIFF, 31K)

l2h50405t1a (F336W) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 31K)

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November 1994

l2h50501t1a (F410M) (GIF, 16K) (TIFF, 40K)

l2h50502t1a (F502N) (GIF, 18K) (TIFF, 40K)

l2h50503t1a (F673N) (GIF, 25K) (TIFF, 40K)

l2h50504t1a (F255W) (GIF, 18K) (TIFF, 40K)

l2h50505t1a (F336W) (GIF, 20K) (TIFF, 40K)

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January 1995

l2h50601t1a (F410M) (GIF, 32K) (TIFF, 90K)

l2h50602t1a (F502N) (GIF, 36K) (TIFF, 90K)

l2h50603t1a (F673N) (GIF, 48K) (TIFF, 90K)

l2h50604t1a (F255W) (GIF, 37K) (TIFF, 90K)

l2h50605t1a (F336W) (GIF, 41K) (TIFF, 90K)

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February 1995

Elysium hemisphere

l2mi0701t1a (F336W) (GIF, 49K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0702t1a (F255W) (GIF, 46K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0703t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 70K) (TIFF, 123K)

Syrtis Major hemisphere

l2h50701t1a (F410M) (GIF, 54K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50702t1a (F502N) (GIF, 56K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50703t1a (F673N) (GIF, 64K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50704t1a (F255W) (GIF, 63K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50705t1a (F336W) (GIF, 72K) (TIFF, 123K)

Acidalia hemisphere

l2h50801t1a (F410M) (GIF, 58K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50802t1a (F502N) (GIF, 59K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50803t1a (F673N) (GIF, 68K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50804t1a (F255W) (GIF, 63K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50805t1a (F336W) (GIF, 71K) (TIFF, 123K)

Olympus Mons hemisphere

l2h50901t1a (F410M) (GIF, 57K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50902t1a (F502N) (GIF, 57K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50903t1a (F673N) (GIF, 62K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50904t1a (F255W) (GIF, 66K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2h50905t1a (F336W) (GIF, 73K) (TIFF, 123K)

Arabia hemisphere

l2mi0a01t1a (F336W) (GIF, 49K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0a02t1a (F255W) (GIF, 44K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0a03t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 73K) (TIFF, 123K)

Acidalia hemisphere

l2mi0101t1a (F336W) (GIF, 53K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0102t1a (F255W) (GIF, 53K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0103t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 73K) (TIFF, 123K)

Tharsis hemisphere

l2mi0401t1a (F336W) (GIF, 62K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0402t1a (F255W) (GIF, 61K) (TIFF, 123K)

l2mi0403t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 70K) (TIFF, 123K)

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April 1995

Syrtis Major hemisphere

l2h50b01t1a (F410M) (GIF, 25K) (TIFF, 63K)

l2h50b02t1a (F502N) (GIF, 26K) (TIFF, 63K)

l2h50b03t1a (F673N) (GIF, 35K) (TIFF, 63K)

l2h50b04t1a (F255W) (GIF, 29K) (TIFF, 63K)

l2h50b05t1a (F336W) (GIF, 33K) (TIFF, 63K)

Sinus Meridiani hemisphere

l2mi0d01t3a (F336W) (GIF, 6K) (TIFF, 16K)

l2mi0d03t3a (F336W) (GIF, 6K) (TIFF, 16K)

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May 1995

l2h50c01t1a (F410M) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2h50c02t1a (F502N) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2h50c03t1a (F673N) (GIF, 19K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2h50c04t1a (F255W) (GIF, 17K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2h50c05t1a (F336W) (GIF, 18K) (TIFF, 33K)

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July 1995

Syrtis Major hemisphere

l2q95101t1a (F410M) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95102t1a (F502N) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95103t1a (F673N) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95104t1a (F255W) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95105t1a (F336W) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95106t1a (F953N) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95107t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 16K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95108t4a (LRF7400) (GIF, 5K) (TIFF, 10K)

l2q95109t4a (LRF8600) (GIF, 5K) (TIFF, 10K)

Acidalia hemisphere

l2q95201t1a (F410M) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95202t1a (F502N) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95203t1a (F673N) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95204t1a (F255W) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95205t1a (F336W) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95206t1a (F953N) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95207t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95208t4a (LRF7400) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

l2q95209t4a (LRF8600) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

Amazonis hemisphere

l2q95301t1a (F410M) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95302t1a (F502N) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95303t1a (F673N) (GIF, 14K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95304t1a (F255W) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95305t1a (F336W) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95306t1a (F953N) (GIF, 14K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95307t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q95308t4a (LRF7400) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

l2q95309t4a (LRF8600) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

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August 1995

Syrtis Major hemisphere

l2q96101t1a (F410M) (GIF, 9K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96102t1a (F502N) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96103t1a (F673N) (GIF, 13K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96104t1a (F255W) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96105t1a (F336W) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96106t1a (F953N) (GIF, 13K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96107t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 15K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q96108t4a (LRF7400) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

l2q96109t4a (LRF8600) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

Syrtis Major hemisphere

l2q97101t1a (F410M) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97102t1a (F502N) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97103t1a (F673N) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97104t1a (F255W) (GIF, 11K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97105t1a (F336W) (GIF, 10K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97106t1a (F953N) (GIF, 12K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97107t1a (F1042M) (GIF, 14K) (TIFF, 33K)

l2q97108t4a (LRF7400) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

l2q97109t4a (LRF8600) (GIF, 4K) (TIFF, 10K)

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