Mars at Opposition: 1999 HST Images

Press Release 99-22: HST Images Colossal Cyclone Swirling Near Martian North Pole
Press Release 99-27: 1999 HST Mars Opposition Color Images, Global Map, and Rotation Movie
This page showcases some of the early-processed images of Mars obtained from the Hubble Space Telescope during the 1999 apparition. During this time, Mars was closer to the Earth than any time in the last 8 years, approaching within 54 million miles on May 1. At this distance, and with the resolving power of HST, features as small as 11 miles across (!) can be identified in the images.

These observations were designed, obtained, and processed by a team of planetary scientists including Jim Bell of Cornell University (Principal Investigator), Mike Wolff and Todd Clancy of the Space Science Institute, Steve Lee of the University of Colorado, Phil James of the University of Toledo, and Mike Ravine of Malin Space Science Systems, Inc. Substantial assistance with HST operations was also provided by Andy Lubenow and Melissa McGrath of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

April 27, 1999

17:55 UT to 18:51 UT

April 28, 1999

00:22 UT to 01:17 UT

May 1, 1999

13:47 UT to 14:43 UT

May 6, 1999

11:28 UT to 12:22 UT


255 nm


336 nm


410 nm


502 nm


588 nm


547 nm


631 nm


673 nm


763 nm


835 nm


953 nm


1042 nm

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